An Unconventional Blessing

An Unconventional Blessing

I've been asked more than once if I've chosen a word for the year and I have not so far. I tend to enjoy the ritual of naming my year, because it gives me something to embody and explore & deepen my awareness of.

I've got several considerations on my list—Year of Living Beauty, Year of Embodied Presence, Year of Sacred Space—and I may simply embrace them all in different ways throughout the months. 

One word I'm drawn to inexplicably is blessing. As I've embraced an intentional redemption of language, blessing has opened her arms and found me a home. 


When I saw the back cover of Breathing Room last year, a book on opening the heart and making space in the home, and read “Bless your clutter. Yes, you heard right. Bless it,” I knew I had found my language. In private conversations I had already been exploring the difficult nature of blessing the things we want so badly to go away, the things that bring judgment within ourselves and from others, things that might even cause hurt: debt. Excess weight. Illness. And yes, clutter. It is my belief that blessing operates much like forgiveness—releases an energetic bond we grow trapped in. Gratitude does the same, which is why finding ways to be thankful despite the heartache raining down is such an alchemic response. When we feel powerless & trampled by life, gratitude, forgiveness and blessing are the mysterious angels of the night, the dark night of the soul, always standing by. They hold the skeleton key to hidden passageways. These beauties open a secret window and whisper to you the way. They pour warm, healing oil over tangled dark roots to loosen & unwind them from anything that inhibits your living. They send a fresh wind through the corridors of the spirit and compel you on and through. 

When we are empty of inspiration, safety & strength, when we feel trapped and stuck, when we genuinely cannot see the next step before us, we can bless. 

And so whether or not I make it official, in my spirit this is the year of blessing. 

Disappointment, I bless you.
Uncertainty, I bless you. Unknown, unwanted, unloved, I bless you and you and you.
I bless releasing and being released, liberation and letting go. I bless all things new.
I bless the rhythms of light and dark, the way night follows morning and how the soul always knows her time.
I bless Rumi's crowd of sorrows, sweeping my house empty and clearing me out for some new delight.
I bless the spacious and the bare—the white page, the hollow ground, not finding words, not having answers, not knowing why.
I bless the awkward endings, the uneven stitches of sewn-back-together, the frayed edges of once-adored. 
I bless the not-having-closure and the brave loving-anyways.
I bless the pans falling out of the cabinet whenever I open the door—a cry for attention like the howl in my heart, the hunger in my belly, the fire in my eyes. I bless all of you. I will listen. I will kneel and attend to you. 
Unexpected joy—I so bless you. I bless your strength and sparkling wells of wisdom.
I bless the luscious possibilities of grace, of next, of this moment.
I bless the deep exhale, the YES, the magnetic delight of hope.
I bless the kitchen-table-laughter. The safe havens of kindred souls. I bless the wonders of how and of love.
I bless these wild and wise days. Their watchful eyes know everything.
I bless the not-feeling-enough yet believing I am anyway.
I bless new beginnings and dreamy continuings.
Heartache, I bless you and whisper “peace. Be still.”
Body, I bless you and all the weight that you carry.
Home, I bless you and everything you hold.
Friends, I bless you and wish you everything life-giving and true.
Today, I bless you and all the ways you bring me present.
Future, I bless you and the gift of your mystery.
I bless the having and the having not, the lonely and the filled, the longing and the love.

All is grace.
All is grace.
All is grace.

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