What Are You Trading Your Life For?

What Are You Trading Your Life For?

Original art by Emily of @quietnoticing received with tender gratitude & love.
Hi, you.

As I share in my beloved Dear Artist class, I have an unshakeable sense of urgency about life. As time goes by and life happens, both the pretty parts and the grief parts, this only intensifies to a point where I feel wildly compelled, pulled, called by something outside myself. John O'Donohue, late Irish poet-preacher, calls this the urgency of the Eternal. One night, in the midst of my tearful hours, I went to sleep with a burning question in my heart: What am I trading my health for? What am I trading my time for? What am I trading my life for?
I'm still asking.

So while I went dark for almost a month, in the dark I have been feverishly creating and writing and praying and journalling and planning out the next phase of my business & how I show up. How can I create a sustainable living doing what I love? How can I be rooted from my deepest values in business and in life? How do I wisely invest my most sacred resources—time, health, breath, creativity, energy? How can I serve in a meaningful way? How can I as a tender, empathic and highly-sensitive introvert be the grace I wish to see in the world? How can I earn a living as an entrepreneur with a pure heart?

My path as a writer, artist and creative entrepreneur is ever-unfolding. Always. I lean into the practice of experiments and follow my curiosity and intuition. Right now, this looks like two huge new public directions + at least one personal, which I will share over time. I need to say, too, that as a creative entrepreneur I am not immune to that terrifying feeling of uncertainty that comes with shifting directions and / or showing up with more clarity and vision. However, one difference about this now is that I feel resolution mixed with my creative excitement...resolute as in clear, strong, present and unapologetic. I'm not willing to slip quietly in through the back door. I don't have time for that.

What don't you have time for anymore?

Don't drift along anymore.
Don't put off what matters to you.
Don't wait until Someday.
{Someday is so freaking vague.}
What does your heart ask of you RIGHT NOW?
What needs to be said?
Who needs to be loved?
What do you need to stop doing?
What are you desperate for?
What do you wish existed in the world?

It's all up to you, babe.

That's terrifying. But also, it's such a relief.
It's your move. 
Your life is waiting.
What will you do with it?
What are you waiting for?
Who are you waiting for?

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