The Secret Life of a Curvy Girl

The Secret Life of a Curvy Girl

How do you write the official announcement for the release of your own book? A book you prayed over and blushed over? A book you cried over as you wrote it?

Deep breath...

I wrote a book.

I love my book.

It's tender, like me. It's a little messy, like me. It's raw, deep, and vulnerable. And like me, it's not for everyone. This book started out as a creative course for the woman who knows what it's like to hate her body with such a rage that she breaks out in hives and stabs her thighs with scissors. Who learned a twisted message from the Bible that her body, her sweet, blessed body that the Lord made with love just for her, is wicked and sinful. Who longs to make peace with the body she has right now—not the body she secretly pins on Pinterest or a body shaped by a tummy tuck, surgery or facelift.

The Secret Life of a Curvy Girl is love-positive book, which means it is body positive. It's not about obesity acceptance, nor does it promote an ideal of thinness. It is about self-acceptance, love, and truth. While I write from my experience as a lush woman, and use language that is specific to an abundance of curves, many principles I share are not limited to these.

Shame is not measured by your dress size, your sale, or your BMI. This book is written for women who are ready to heal a lifetime of body hatred and shame through the truth of Scripture and abundant creativity.

The Secret Life of a Curvy Girl

Making Peace With the Body You Have: A Creative & Compassionate Guide to Loving Your Body As Is by Hillary McFarland

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