The Glorious, Earth-Shattering Weight of You

The Glorious, Earth-Shattering Weight of You

Be willing to say something. Tell the truth. I don’t want to wonder what you’re hiding. And when there’s something you’re not saying, you’re hiding.

This is different than creative non-fiction, where you tell the truth with progressive revelation, artfully leading your reader on a journey, inviting them to softly discover what you want them to know.

You can be mysterious and layered. A labyrinth. You can be private and reserved.

But we know when you are afraid.

Stop being afraid. Get the pain over with. Speak. Risk. Shake the earth. Give the gift of honesty. Respect your people enough to tell them the truth, and if they can’t handle it, to walk away from you. Don’t waste their time. Don’t waste their attention. Don’t waste their money, their energy, or their love.

What are you not saying?

What are you holding back?

What truth would folks leave you over?

What is the thing that, if spoken, would rock the beautiful world you have so carefully built around you?

Get it out there.

In the words of John Eldredge, “Let people feel the weight of who you are and let them deal with it.”

It’s time to be free.

Like, really free. Not “I did some work with my life coach on that old mindset and now I’m free.”

Let the worst happen. Better now than later. Stop standing at the door. Grab your key and shove it into the doorknob and cross the threshold into the rest of your life.

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