Tuesday, February 4, 2020

The Secret Life of a Curvy Girl

The Secret Life of a Curvy Girl

Making Peace With the Body You Have: A Creative & Compassionate Guide
to Loving Your Body As Is

by Hillary McFarland

I wrote this book for women who know what it's like to hate your body with such a rage that you break out in hives and stab your thighs with scissors. I wrote this for women who learned a twisted message from the Bible that your body, your sweet, blessed body that the Lord made with love just for you, is wicked and sinful. I wrote this for women who long to make peace with the body you have right now—not the body you will have once you get a tummy tuck or have lap-band surgery or a facelift. 

The Secret Life of a Curvy Girl is love-positive book, which means it is body positive. It's not about obesity acceptance nor does it promote an ideal of thinness. It is about self-acceptance, love, and truth. I write from my experience as a lush woman, and use language that is specific to an abundance of curves, but many principles I share are not limited to these. Ultimately, this book is about healing body shame. Shame is not measured by your dress size, your sale, or your BMI.